We have a strong sense to be as sustainable and ethical as we can, without compromising on our style.

The flowers we source for you, as well as the homewares we offer, have made their way here because they are sustainable in the way they’ve been grown, transported, made and packaged.

In the warmer months we work with a collection of local growers and farms to bring you the freshest and most seasonal locally cut flowers. We’re bringing you flowers from someone we know, who grew and cut them when the time was right, and only had to drive less than a couple of hours to get them here.

All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable & we compost our green waste with a local company. All plastic sleeves from the market flowers are sent back into a circular soft plastics recycling scheme. For our events we use sustainable floristry concepts to limit non-biodegradable floral foam use.

We are always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, if you have any grand ideas or know of any great products please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!